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Guangxi deploys special fund to boost vocational education
 updatetime:2020-09-11 11:07:00   View:0 Source:en.gxzf.gov.cn

Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region recently allocated a special fund of 1.1 billion yuan ($160.53 million) for 2020 to improve the quality of modern vocational education, the Guangxi Finance Department announced on Sept 7.

Local officials said a total of 506.6 million yuan of the fund will be used to increase the allocation of funds to each student at higher vocational colleges.

Meanwhile, 573.4 million yuan of funds will be used for the renovation of secondary vocational schools, while 17 million yuan will be spent on a project for improving the skills of teachers at vocational colleges.

Officials said priority will be given in the allocation of the funds to colleges that meet certain requirements.

These include those that have outstanding features, are able to serve the local socio-economic development -- as well as those listed among national or regional projects, for building high-level colleges and establishing specialties.  

Secondary vocational schools in poverty-stricken areas -- especially severely impoverished areas -- will get priority in securing funds to improve school conditions, to make sure they can meet the standards or the national average level.

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