Guangxi's 10 Years: Nanning-Chongzuo Railway Injects "Iron Momentum" to the Construction of the Belt and Road
 updatetime:2022-11-08 18:28:28   Views:0 Source:BBR、CRI

Chongzuo City in China's southwest border province Guangxi is only 230 km away from Vietnam's capital Hanoi. This November, the Nanning-Chongzuo High-speed Railway will be opened to traffic, becoming the first high-speed railway that offers direct access to a city on the China-Vietnam border. In the future, the Nanning-Chongzuo High-speed Railway will play a significant role in international trade and logistics transportation like the China-Laos Railway, strengthening economic cooperation between China and other ASEAN countries and injecting strong momentum into China's foreign trade development.

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