Hechi to host magnificent celebrations for Sanyuesan Festival
 updatetime:2024-04-03 18:28:44   Views:0 Source:guangxi.chinadaily.com.cn/hechi

Hechi city is gearing up to organize a large-scale event for the 2024 Guangxi Sanyuesan Festival. This event is scheduled to take place at the Cultural Square in Yizhou district from April 10 to 12 and encompasses ten activities, including a folk song contest, project promotion events, trade shows, and a food street.

The 23 rural complexes in Hechi city are set to exhibit their overall planning functional layout diagram and guide maps and offer preferential activities to visitors. Additionally, they are set to promote their ethnic and culturally distinctive tourist lodgings, such as homestays, campsites, and caravanning camps.

The event is also set to feature trade shows of selected handicrafts, cultural and creative products, and ethnic costumes. Enterprises are set to promote and sell Hechi's famous and excellent agricultural products through on-site exhibitions and live broadcasting.

Finally, the highlight of the event is set to have an exciting food competition. The 23 rural complexes are set to leverage their agricultural resources to make signature dishes. Experts and the public are set to be invited to evaluate the dishes, contributing to creating a food culture brand of rural tourism in Hechi.

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