Indonesia to free up some areas for foreign investment
 updatetime:2010-05-08 17:35:43   Views:0 Source:广西电台
   INDONESIA plans to unlock more sectors to overseas investors including health, agriculture and creative, although it will not allow investment in telecommunication towers, the head of the country's in

INDONESIA plans to unlock more sectors to overseas investors including health, agriculture and creative, although it will not allow investment in telecommunication towers, the head of the country's investment coordinating board said.

Gita Wirjawan said a draft on investment in strategic areas, known as the negative list on foreign investment, had been finalised and should be approved soon.

"We have finalised the draft and by the end of this month, if it's not plus a few more weeks, we should have it signed by the president," Wirjawan said Friday, referring to the a revised draft of the current negative.

In healthcare, foreign investors would be allowed to hold up to 67 per cent in hospitals across Indonesia, he said. Previously, foreign ownership had been restricted to a few provincial cities such as Surabaya, in East Java and Medan, North Sumatra.

Foreigners will be allowed to have a maximum ownership of 49 per cent in staple food plantations like rice, as well as cargo services and film businesses, added Wirjawan, a former investment banker with JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.