Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic zone productivity alliance established
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    Xinhua net GuangXi Channel March 2 (Zhang Zhoulai, Wang Junwei) Productivity Promotion Center of GuangXi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently united counties Productivity Promotion Center.

Xinhua net GuangXi Channel March 2 (Zhang Zhoulai, Wang Junwei) Productivity Promotion Center of GuangXi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently united counties Productivity Promotion Center, and other intermediary institutions and research organizations to form the Northern Gulf Economic Zone in GuangXi Productivity Alliance, Alliance to promote small and medium enterprises for the purpose of scientific and technological innovation.

Chen Dake, Technology Director of GuangXi Zhuang Autonomous Region, introduce that in January 2008, the State Council officially approved the implementation of "GuangXi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Development Plan", marking the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in GuangXi opening up and development into national strategies. Ministry of Science and Technology in December 2008 approved the construction of the Northern Gulf Economic Zone in GuangXi National high-tech industrial belt, clear recommendations for strengthening the Productivity Promotion Center of institution-building and other technical services. Productivity Alliance aims to give full play to the science and technology in the Northern Gulf Economic Zone construction, to promote regional innovation system.

"Affected by financial crisis, the current difficulties facing by SMEs, Productivity Alliance will vigorously to strengthen the technical extension services to help small and medium-sized technological innovation to help enterprise Adversity to Opportunity." Chen says.