Attractions in Brief
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   Beihai boasts a large number of natural scenic spots and cultural relics, such as Beihai Silver Beach State Holiday Resort, Weizhou Island Holiday Resort and Star-Islets Lake Holiday Resort at the pro


Beihai boasts a large number of natural scenic spots and cultural relics, such as Beihai Silver Beach State Holiday Resort, Weizhou Island Holiday Resort and Star-Islets Lake Holiday Resort at the provincial level; you will also want to visit Crown Head Hill State Forest Park, Shankou State Mangrove Protection Zone, State Natural Protection Zone for Dugong, the Ruins of Bailong Pearl Town, Hepu Han Dynasty Tombs Protection Zone, Dashi Pavilion, and Dongpo Pavilion,

All of these sites represent a tour of ocean, beach, islands, lakes, hills, and forests.

Beihai Silver Beach is designated as one of the five best retreats in China. Star-Islets Lake is a major outdoor locale in the widely-known TV services Water Margins, where picturesque green hills are charmingly reflected in the clear water. Weizhou Island, is the largest volcanic island in China, surrounded by a coral reef which is the nearest to the continental shelf in China, and is being considered for economic development.

The tour projects of Beihai-Halong(Vietnam) and Beihai-Haiphong (Vietnam) have been approved by state departments directly under the State Council.

The ocean route for touring Vietnam is open for service, and only a simple formality is needed to exit Beihai. The boat departs at sunset and arrives in Vietnam at daybreak, so you can begin enjoying an unforgettable tour of exotic Halong Gulf, the world-renowned "Guilin-on-the-Sea".


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