Beihai, The Most Livable City in China
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   Beihai is located on the Beibu Gulf in the southern part of Guangxi province, on the southwestern coast of China. It faces Southeast Asia across the sea, with southwest China immediately behind.


Beihai is located on the Beibu Gulf in the southern part of Guangxi province, on the southwestern coast of China. It faces Southeast Asia across the sea, with southwest China immediately behind. It borders Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and Vietnam by land and sea. It was built as a city in 1950.

In the Qin dynasty and Han dynasty, Beihai had been the important port that connected China and eastern and southern Asia. It was one of the beginning ports of the "Silk Road on Sea". It became a colony and an open trade port after the Qing court signed the Yantai trading Agreement with British government in year 1876. In Dec. of 1949, Beihai was liberated. Now, Beihai has been one of the 14 open littoral ports in China and it has grown into a trading center in Guangxi province - with a history of trading with Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma.

One of the most valuable resources and advantages in Beihai is tourism. The sea areas here are not polluted, the air here is fresh and the 10 kilometers' beaches are clean too. Also, in the spring, summer and autumn, people can take seawater bath. In winter, Beihai is a good place to spend a holiday at a summer resort. The harbor feels best in the morning when the fresh catches arrive, and there's a fabulous fish market here selling every type and part of sea life imaginable.


You can enjoy your trip to Beihai at any time of the year. Located in the southern subtropical zone and surrounded by sea at three sides, Beihai has a sub-tropical maritime monsoon climate with typhoon as the main meteorological disaster.

Average annual temperature: 22.4C with the highest of 37C and the lowest of 2C.
Annual rainfall: 1,659 mm.
Yearly sunshine: 2,186 Hours.
Best time to visit: All year round.
Best time to swim: Spring, summer and autumn.


The main scenic spot in Beihai are the statue in the square, the aquatic products center, Baihutou Beach, Weizhou Island, Dashi Attic, Wenchang Tower, Dongpo Pavilion and the relics of the White - dragon Pearl City, etc. Beaches and islands constitute the biggest attraction in Beihai. The Silver Beach is the ideal place for beach-lovers to relax and soak up the sun. On the volcanic Weizhou and Xieyang Islands you'll find an atmosphere of tranquility and mystery.

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