Guangxi will strengthen the education with asean international exchanges and cooperation
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Guangxi is the core of asean, in the forefront of the china-asean cooperation with asean culture, with the advantage of geographical adjacent near, hope through innovation, by 2020 built the education for asean international exchange and cooperation in the highlands and China’s national education demonstration area.

With the completion of the china-asean free trade, China and asean have need of our country, culture and other familiar with international competition and cooperation consciousness, strengthen the talents with asean’s education cooperation is imperative. Secretary of the CPC committee of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region in 2010 HSCG Mr Held the education work conference in guangxi, said the current, guangxi and asean countries education continuously strengthen the communication and cooperation, has become the most students recruit asean countries one province. Face in guangxi will strengthen education as a focus in asean countries and international exchange and cooperation, strive to make guangxi construction for asean region become international student exchange center.

It is reported, the construction of the china-asean free trade since China, China and asean countries since the education cooperation and exchanges, especially a continuous hot and steamy its geography and guangxi, more abundant benefit. Ten years ago, the asean foreign students studying in guangxi, last year reached only 339 5224 people, 10 years turned 15 times.

As china-asean cooperation, guangxi pay special attention to the bridgehead with asean countries education of exchanges and cooperation. Guangxi university for nationalities from 1964 to open Vietnamese, Thai, southeast Asia language professional, so far, the 10-member association’s official language, Indonesian, Malay, Lao, Cambodia language, Burma language etc have opened in the school is complete.

Since 2004, guangxi to Vietnam every year university organization, Thailand and Indonesia, organize international exhibition of promotional activities effectively in guangxi universities and expand the cooperation. Guangxi university to asean countries 1 to 2 years learning students every year close to 5000 people. But Confucius institute and Chinese international promotion work also do with sound and color, guangxi in asean countries now do have 5 Confucius institute, will strive to run again in Indonesia and Vietnam 2-3 Confucius institute.

According to international exchanges and cooperation in guangxi “education regional characteristics construction project” goal, future guangxi will expand chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, key support batch of university construction become internationalization degree is higher, and asean university relation in asean region closely, has certain influence university; Do oneself or and asean jointly with asean university of relevant major, course, cohesion teaching plan, mutual recognition credit; Pie in guangxi universities students to learn, make it become asean with professional knowledge and experiences with asean countries, to understand the asean conditions, suitable for the talents with asean and the related work, make guangxi become China – asean training important base.

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