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Animation promotional film “Roaming New Guangxi”
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With the sights and thoughts of the cartoon figures “Grandfather and Grandson” and the mascots “Huanhuan” and “Xixi” in their travel of Guangxi, the animation promotional film “Roaming New Guangxi” presents the glorious achievements and immense changes over the 60 years since Guangxi was founded as an autonomous region of minority ethnic group in China.  

In the mind of the Grandfather, the old images in memory and the new scenarios take turns to appear. The advancing “Harmony” high-speed train, the flying paraglider, go through the green mountains and water of Guangxi, with the landmark scenic spots of Guangxi flashing by one after another.  

The moving pictures keep showing the amazing new look of Guangxi, playing a new movement of the happy life of the local people.

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