【Micro-video】Guangxi One Minute
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Landscape of Guilin is asbeautiful as a Chinese ink painting

Terraced fields of Longji are asimpressive as a colorful belt

We have rich and varied ethniclifestyles here

We have thriving and prosperousport economies here

“Guangxi One Minute”—a shortvideo

Will take you to appreciate theunique charm of Guangxi

One minute will see 184 visitorsto Guilin for sightseeing

One minute will see 71 touristsin Beihai Silver Beach enjoy themselves

One minute will see 6 guests atHuangyao ancient town make cultural exploration

One minute will see 2271 visitorsgather in the local “March 3rd” folk song festival


One minute will see 556 packetsof Liuzhou river snails rice noodles sold online

One minute will see 1 hand-madesilk ball sold from Jiuzhou

One minute will see 161.7 kg ofjasmine flowers picked from trees in Hengxian

One minute will see 33.4 tons ofsugar produced for a single sugarcane grinding season


One minute will see 2340 cubicmeters of water flowing through Detian Waterfall

One minute will see Chinese WhiteDolphins swim a thousand meters at Qinzhou Bay

One minute will see 326 tons ofcargos handled at Beibu Gulf Ports

One minute will see import andexport deal with ASEAN concluded at 344,000 yuan


One minute will take you to seethe wonderful landscapes of Guangxi

One minute will take you toexperience the diverse folk customs of Guangxi

One minute will take you to enjoythe delicious cuisine of Guangxi


One minute will provide an answerto environment-friendly development

One minute will createopportunities for business transaction

One minute will witness gloriesof Guangxi


Over the vast territory of Guangxi

60 years of glorious achievementsare shining

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