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Guilin power supply bureau innovates to upgrade its service level
 updatetime:2021-04-02 15:51:28   View:0 Source:en.gxzf.gov.cn

The logistics center of the power supply bureau in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has made several innovations to further upgrade its power supply service level, and in doing so has helped improve the local business environment.

The center has worked with other departments in the Guilin power supply bureau, such as the marketing department, the dispatching department and the security department, to implement a professional purchasing management system, standardizing and strengthening the purchasing process.

Idle supplies have been utilized thanks to the bureau's logistics center, as they can be further recycled to save costs. It is estimated that around 15 million yuan ($2.29 million) of idle supplies have thus far been recycled. 

The logistics center has also devoted efforts towards training staff members. It has offered 26 training sessions between 2020 and March this year, benefiting 390 people.

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