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Information Consumption Festival to kick off in Shanghai
 updatetime:2021-05-13 16:24:22   View:0 Source:China Daily

Shanghai will host a month-long "Information Consumption Festival" to showcase a number of new technologies and business models applied in all walks of life.

The series of activities, which will take place from May 17 to June 17, are part of a national initiative to spur consumption and fall under the auspices of the second edition of the 5-5 Shopping Festival of Shanghai, according to officials from the Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

The event will feature a high-profile opening ceremony, a virtual summit focusing on the new online economy, and a special gala with influencers promoting information-related products and services such as cloud computing, SaaS services, and online cultural and entertainment offerings.

The series also involves the unveiling of a white paper on Shanghai's development of the online new economy.

The campaigns will be broadcast on a variety of social media platforms such as Bilibili and Kuaishou.

The Shanghai municipal government released an action plan last April to develop the city's online new economy. By identifying 12 key industries for development, the action plan aims to construct the metropolis into a budding highland for the online economy with global influence and national superiority by 2022.

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