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Bama Yao people celebrate Zhuzhu Festival
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People of the Bunu Yao ethnic group showed off the folk customs and charm of Miluotuo culture at a ceremony held in Bama Yao autonomous county on July 3.

Every year on the 29th day of the fifth lunar month is the birthday of Miluotuo - the mother of the Bunu Yao ethnic group. In order to celebrate Miluotuo's birthday, Bunu Yao people hold the Zhuzhu Festival ceremony on this day each year. The festival is as important as Spring Festival for Yao people.

The State Council announced the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage items in May, and Bama Yao's Zhuzhu Festival was included on the list.

During the ceremony, Yao people recited the ancient song Miluotuo and beat bronze drums, showing off the culture of Bunu Yao ethnic group to audience.

In addition, there were performances of national intangible cultural heritage arts, such as the Bama Zhuang people's custom of showing respect to the elderly and the Du'an Zhuang people's stick dance.

In order to increase public interaction, the county also held a painting exhibition, an art performance, a food festival, a folk song party, and a series of traditional sports activities during the festival.

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