Xi's book gives Arab politicians clues on issues
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Yemeni politician: Governance thoughts a landmark of growth process in socialism

Those who want to know about China might be interested in understanding how the Communist Party of China is leading the Chinese people in realizing national rejuvenation in the new era, based on what the country has achieved in comprehensive national strength and global influence.

And Ali Albakali, president of Renaissance Movement, a political party in Yemen, has found clues to the answer in the book Xi Jinping: The Governance of China.

After reading the book, on the governance philosophy of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Albakali said that not only has the CPC bolstered the prosperity of China over the past decades, but it has also promoted world peace and development.

Xi has said on many occasions that to understand China, one must learn to understand the CPC. With the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012, socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era, a hallmark seen as the new historic juncture in China's development.

Albakali said Xi's governance philosophy is a landmark in the development process of socialism, and it offers solutions to the pressing problems and challenges the world is facing.

Led by Xi, the CPC, the world's largest ruling political party, has put the common value of humanity at the core of its governance philosophy instead of being limited to China's own development, he said.

With the resolution of the common problems that confront the whole world as its mission, China, under the leadership of the CPC, is very different from some countries that exercise unilateralism and bullying in their relations with other countries, Albakali added.

"Particularly, since the COVID-19 pandemic started, China has provided medical supplies and vaccines to other countries as support for the rest of the world in fighting the virus," he said.

"With concrete actions, China has sent a strong message to the world that the country led by the CPC stays committed to promoting the development of the whole of humanity and building a world where people from all countries live a happy life and where they work together to secure shared development."

China has honored its commitment to making the Chinese-developed vaccines a public good for the world. It is the world's largest provider of COVID-19 vaccines, and has provided over 2.1 billion doses to more than 120 countries and international organizations, accounting for one-third of all anti-COVID vaccines administered outside China. The majority of these vaccines have been provided to developing countries.

Xi announced in January that China will provide a further 1 billion doses to African countries-600 million will be given as donations and the other 400 million will be provided through joint production between Chinese and African countries. In addition, China will donate 150 million more doses to member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Abdel Salam Moussa, media coordinator for Lebanon's political party the Future Movement, said that internally, the CPC serves China's national development and rejuvenation; and externally, it promotes the Belt and Road Initiative and advances the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

"The CPC has constantly readjusted its strategies in bolstering China's domestic development and foreign relations so that they could meet the aspirations and interests of the Chinese people. I thinks that's the underlying reason for China to make huge achievements in its development and become a very influential player on the global stage," Moussa said.

Arab countries, including Lebanon, want to learn from China's development mode and the CPC's governance philosophy, he said.

In addition to the country's socioeconomic growth, the Chinese democracy, described by Xi as whole-process people's democracy, has also attracted broad attention. China maintains that its whole-process people's democracy enables the Chinese people to broadly and continually participate in day-to-day political activities at all levels, including democratic elections, political consultation, decision-making and oversight, covering the greatest number of people in the most effective way.

Salah Adly, general secretary of the Egyptian Communist Party, said that through whole-process people's democracy, China has told the world that democracy has different forms, and that there is no one-size-fits-all model.

Democracy is not the privilege of Western countries, and it belongs to all people around the world, Adly said, adding that every country has the right to develop its democracy in line with its national conditions, cultures and traditions.

Albakali, the Yemeni political party leader, also expressed his appreciation for China's whole-process people's democracy, saying he agrees with General Secretary Xi's proposition that democracy should be developed according to a country's national condition.

He criticized Western countries that tried to impose the Western-style democracy on Middle Eastern countries, including Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, and he said that ultimately, they undermined democracy in those countries and jeopardized peace and stability in the region.

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