Three Chinese lithium companies pursue secondary listings in Europe
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Three Chinese lithium companies are planning secondary listings in Switzerland, The Paper reported on Wednesday.

These three companies are Keda Industrial Group Co Ltd, Gotion High-tech and Ningbo Shanshan Co Ltd.

Keda announced on April 8 that it planned to terminate the non-public offering of A shares in 2022 and apply for overseas issuance of global depository receipts or GDR and listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Global depository receipts refer to globally issued stocks and bonds that can be traded in two or more financial markets, which can facilitate international investors in stock trading, dividend payment and rights offering.

The newly added A shares of underlying securities represented by the issuance of GDR shall not exceed 100 million shares, which shall not exceed 5.3 percent of the total share capital of the company's ordinary shares prior to this issuance, the report said, citing Keda's announcement.

After issuance expense deduction, the company will use the raised funds from the issuance of GDR to expand its main business and strategic investment business, promote the global layout and supplement the company's operational capital, Keda said.

Keda's stock dilution can be reduced, financing channels can be expanded, and shareholder structure can be improved after GDR issuance overseas, according to a research report by China Fortune Securities.

The business of Keda, which was established in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2002, covers clean energy environmental protection equipment, lithium battery materials, hydraulic pumps, fluid machinery, smart energy with years of experiences overseas.

As of the end of 2021, the overseas revenue of Keda was 4.12 billion yuan ($650 million), accounting for 47 percent of the overall revenue. The net profit of Keda was estimated to reach 900 million yuan in the first quarter of 2022, up about 371.91 percent year-on-year, the report said.

Gotion announced earlier on March 16 that the company planned to issue GDR overseas, which is scheduled to be listed on the Swiss bourse in order to accelerate international strategic layout and meet capital needs of overseas development.

The company has gradually established a global market system by reaching strategic cooperation with a number of international customers and signing product sales orders.

The GDR issuance and listing in Europe will help the company to expand its global market share, improve performance and continuous healthy development, Gotion said.

Gotion also announced its plans to invest and build plants in Europe and the United States, including establishing its first new energy production and operation base in Europe via acquisition of Bosch's plant in Gottingen, Germany.

The proportion of overseas sales revenue has also been increasing year by year for Gotion, which was established in 1995 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006.

Gotion is one of China's top four power battery manufacturer, whose main businesses are power lithium battery and power transmission and distribution equipment.

The company grabbed the eighth place on the list of world's top 10 companies in global power battery installed capacity, according to market research company SNE Research.

Ningbo Shanshan announced the plan to issue GDR overseas and list on the SWX Swiss Exchange on March 18 so as to expand international financing channels, meet needs of domestic and overseas development and enhance international brand and corporate image.

Founded in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996, Ningbo Shanshan started to transform to new energy industry from clothing industry in 1999 with strength in lithium battery and optoelectronic display materials.

SWX Swiss Exchange, a merger of three century-old stock exchanges in Zurich, Basel and Geneva, is the first stock exchange in the world to adopt a fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system with over 25 percent of listed companies from overseas.

Apart from the above mentioned three lithium battery companies, Sany Group and Lepu Medical also announced their plans to be listed on Swiss bourse earlier.

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