Virtual AI singer Luya enrolls in Shanghai Conservatory of Music
 updatetime:2022-09-01 11:20:00   Views:0

Virtual singer Luya enrolled in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music on Monday to participate in music-related research in artificial intelligence (AI).

Luya, the first virtual AI singer developed by iFLYTEK, has combined a special voice with a sweet image, with the former created by AI through deconstructing human voice characteristics.

Luya is not only a student but also a member of the research center co-founded by the Conservatory and iFLYTEK. She will carry out a series of studies on AI-assisted music making.

As a move by both sides to develop an “AI+music” mode in music creation and education, Luya will conduct fusion experiments of different types of music styles from the perspective of songwriting and arrangement.

She will also try to use technologies to match songs with similar styles, disassemble chords and melodies, and fuse tracks to discover more possibilities in music production.

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