Hechi's agri-products awarded at Guangxi seed industry conference
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Award ceremony for the "good seeds and varieties" of Guangxi. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

A number of Hechi's famous and excellent products were awarded "good seeds and varieties" of Guangxi at the 3rd China (Guangxi) - ASEAN Modern Seed Industry Development Conference, which was held in Nanning from Nov 12 to 13.

During the conference, Hechi had 14 exhibitors, mainly showcasing 86 of its famous and rare new varieties, including Chinese herbs, honey, tea oil, and edible mushrooms, as well as other resources, including seeds, seedlings, and their related products.

At the exhibition site, Hechi's special seed products, such as mulberry silk products, ecological selenium-rich rice, Chinese herbal medicine, tea, as well as livestock and poultry products were arranged on the display stand. Its special snack foods, such as Bama fragrant pig, Qibailong chicken, and beef strips, received good reviews from the consumers on-site, with many companies discussing potential cooperation opportunities.

In addition, the "good seeds and good products" selection activities were carried out. with Hechi's Liulong tea, sweet chestnut, and Bama fragrant pig winning gold awards.

The conference also announced 10 "excellent germplasm resources of Guangxi crops" identified by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which included Hechi's Donglan black rice, Yantan red-skinned peanuts, as well as Nandan yellow wax plums.

Hechi has established four national and autonomous-region-level seed conservation farms, where 442 crop germplasm resources were inspectede, as well as 472 samples were collected and sent to the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences for preservation and identification.

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