Guangxi finishes record road tunnel on Danlu Mountain
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The Danlu Mountain Tunnel that connects Nandan Dachang township to the S303 Wu'ai Highway finished construction work on Nov 18. Funded and built by Guangxi Beitou Highway Construction and Investment Group, this marks the completion of the longest tunnel in the road network project in Guangxi.

The Dachang-Wu'ai Highway falls under the major projects coordinated and promoted by the central and autonomous regional governments. The route starts from the north side of Longtou Mountain in Dachang town, Nandan county. It then veers west via Wengle, Mosheng, Gong'e, XiaDanlu, Changli, Nawan, Lahua, Latan, Duya and other villages, before crossing the Hongshui River Bridge. It ends by linking up with the Wu'ai to Donglan secondary highway.

The total length of the Dawu Road project is 37.26 kilometers. The 1,466-metre-long tunnel serves as its key control project, with its successful completion laying a solid foundation for the early commissioning of the Dachang-Wu'ai Highway.

In the next step, work units will speed up the construction process to provide a solid transportation guarantee for the local development of the non-ferrous metal industry while also boosting tourism.


The Dachang-Wu'ai Highway is now under construction. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

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