China's State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and State Post Bureau to further regulate e-cigarettes delivery
 updatetime:2022-11-24 16:51:16   Views:0 Source:Global Times

The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued a notice on Wednesday in which it announced that the capacity of e-cigarette products, aerosol and nicotine used in e-cigarettes carried by each person at each time will be limited.

One person can carry no more than six smoking devices in different places at a time, said the notice. The number of e-cigarette cartridge shall not exceed 90, the number of products including disposable e-cigarettes sold in combination of e-cigarette cartridge and cigarette devices shall not exceed 90, and the amount of e-atomization materials such as liquid cigarette and nicotine used in e-cigarette shall not exceed 180 milliliters.

On the same day, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Post Bureau jointly issued a regulation on the limited delivery of e-cigarette products, e-atomization material, and nicotine for e-cigarettes.

The delivery amount of e-cigarette products per shipment is no more than two sets; six e-cigarette cartridge or cartridge combined with cigarette devices, including disposable e-cigarettes, with a total liquid volume of no more than 12 milliliters. The limit on aerosols such as cigarette liquid and nicotine for e-cigarette is 12 milliliters per piece.

Delivery of smoking sets, e-cigarette cartridge, products sold in combination with cigarette cartridge, e-atomization material and nicotine for e-cigarettes shall be limited to one unit per person per day, according to the regulation.

Earlier in April, China's top marketing regulator approved mandatory national standards for e-cigarettes that came into effect in October, including detailed criteria for taste, use and the protection of minors.

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