China unveils measures to build basic systems for data
 updatetime:2022-12-20 19:35:49   Views:0 Source:Xinhua

An official document was released on Monday, detailing China's specific measures to build basic systems for data to put data resources to better use.

Under the document jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, the country's systems for data will involve the establishment of a property system, a circulation and trading system, an income distribution system, and a governance system to cope with the new challenges arising with data as a new type of production factor.

An official with the National Development and Reform Commission said that the document involving 20 key measures marks "a landmark, overarching, and strategic move" to continue deepening China's reform and opening up in the new era.

It will help give full play to the role of data resources, empower the real economy, promote high-quality development, and help strengthen, improve, and expand the digital economy. It will also respond to the technological revolution and industrial transformation and build new advantages for the country in international competition, said the official.

In addition, the move will promote the sharing of the development dividends of the digital economy by all, promote mutual prosperity, and at the same time, improve the governance efficiency of data resources and modernize the national governance system and capacity.

Zhejiang Province in east China and other regions, as well as industries and enterprises, will be encouraged to play the pioneering role when conditions permit.

Institutional improvement will happen gradually, while key link standards in major areas, such as the definition of data property rights, data circulation, and trading, will be put in place.

Experimental efforts will also be made to promote the efficient circulation and use of public data, enterprise data, and personal data per regulations to boost the development of the real economy.

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