Guangxi resumes normal operations of shuttle buses to Vietnam
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China"s Overall Plan for Implementing Class B Infectious Disease Management for COVID-19 Infections (hereafter referred to as the Plan) was enforced officially on January 8. On the same day, several passengers took the first resumed shuttle bus bound for Hanoi, Vietnam at the Langdong Coach Station in Nanning, China.

Mr. Xu from Guangdong took a photo of the shuttle bus in the waiting room as a souvenir. Mr. Xu said that he planned to visit his family in Hanoi by bus. As a cross-border worker, he added that the Plan and international shuttle buses made Chinese people more interested in and able to visit other countries and expand overseas business. He was also planning to invite friends to visit Vietnam with him.

It is reported that the Nanning-Vietnam shuttle buses have been shut down since February 2020 due to the pandemic. Now, the bus line from Nanning to Hanoi, Vietnam, transferred at Friendship Pass, has been restored, and the direct bus will be resumed as soon as possible.

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