Chinese provinces surmount first infection wave since COVID control measure adjustment
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Many provinces and cities in China announced that they have successfully surmounted the first round of COVID-19 infection peaks after assessing the data from fever clinics.

Central China's Henan Province declared on Monday that according to data collected from communities, as of last Friday, the infection rate in the province has reached 89 percent. The number of patients who visited fever clinics during the COVID wave peaked on Dec. 19, 2022, and continuously dropped since then.

The province has successfully gone through the infection peak and it is expected the daily number of new infections would remain at a low level from the end of January, it said.

Kan Quancheng, head of Henan provincial health commission, believes that severe patient treatment is still at its peak in Henan, even though the first round of infection peak has already ended.

Yin Yong, acting mayor of Beijing, said the city has passed the infection peak, and its entire population has enhanced immunity. Next, the city will set up a monitoring and early warning system for the epidemic situation, he added.

Li Pan, deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, said on Jan. 3 that fever clinics of medical institutions of secondary level and above had received the most patients in a single day on Dec. 20. There remained 7,000 patients by Jan. 3, which means that the infection peak has passed.

In addition, Foshan and Huizhou in Guangdong Province, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Hainan provinces determined that infected cases have reached the peak and the infection number is steadily dropping, though a number of villages remain in dire need of medical resources.

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