Luocheng recognized as China's climate livable county
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Luocheng National Geopark. [Photo/Hechi Daily]

Recently, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) released the results of their evaluation of the 2022 climate ecological brand creation and demonstration projects, and Luocheng Mulam autonomous county was awarded the title of "China's climate livable county."

Luocheng is located in northern Guangxi and is part of Hechi city. Most of the county is a karst landform with huge differences in altitude, the highest altitude being 1,460 meters. The county has a total area of 2,658 square kilometers, with 11 towns and 141 administrative villages under its jurisdiction.

Luocheng benefits from a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons, abundant yearly rainfall, and moderate temperatures. The county receives an annual rainfall of 1,605.4 millimeter, with 123.4 days of suitable precipitation. The annual average relative humidity is 78 percent, and the number of suitable humidity days is 186.2 days.

While Luocheng has an excellent climate and ecological environment, it also has an average air quality rating of 95.4 percent within the last three years. Its forest coverage rate is as high as 71.92 percent, and the water quality of the main rivers and reservoirs in the county are all above Class II.

In addition to its good climate, Luocheng has a deep cultural heritage and a rich variety of products. To date, Luocheng has been awarded the "national forest tourism demonstration county" title, while Xiaochang'an town and Siba town, which fall under its jurisdiction, have both been awarded the "Guangxi health and pension town" titles.

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