Online directory of monks launched
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An inquiry system listing Buddhist and Taoist monks went online on Wednesday, providing information to the public about accredited clerical personnel registered in accordance with the law.

The system is accessible on the websites of the Buddhist Association of China, the Taoist Association of China, the National Religious Affairs Administration and

Each entry contains seven items of information, the person's identity card name, gender, photo, religious title, religious sect, clerical identity and clerical ID number.

The Buddhist Association of China and the Taoist Association of China have enacted accreditation measures for clerics in recent years. Legally accredited and registered individuals can also look up their information through the system.

The Buddhist Association of China and the Taoist Association of China said they will continuously update data to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

They added that the system aims to promote openness in religious affairs, standardize the identification and management of clerics, crack down on impostors, safeguard the rights and interests of religions, ensure the public's right to know and safeguard the public interest.

The associations also reminded the public to be more aware of impostors, learn how to differentiate between real clerics and those posing as clerics, and to avoid being ensnared by illegal activities.

In addition, inquiry systems listing accredited Muslim and Christian clerics will also be available online soon.

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