Hechi to establish economic development zone
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An aerial view of Yizhou district in Hechi. [Photo/guangxi.chinadaily.com.cn/hechi]

After review by a group of experts, Hechi has met the conditions for establishing an autonomous-region-level economic and technological development zone, according to a review meeting held on March 10.

The expert group later went on to offer suggestions on the establishment of the autonomous-region-level economic and technological development zone in Hechi.

They hope that Hechi will increase its construction efforts in order to optimize its innovation management system, strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of the high-tech zone, accelerate the cultivation of innovative enterprise groups, and implement a comprehensive development plan.

In recent years, Hechi has attached great importance in promoting the establishment of autonomous-region-level high-tech zones from five aspects, including management systems, industrial chain aggregation, scientific and technological enterprise cultivation, innovation platform construction, and high-end talent introduction.

The Hechi economic and technological development zone will be built as an important economic growth point and a dynamic carrier to promote local economic development.

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