5 Chinese female J-11B fighter pilots complete first solo flights
 updatetime:2023-03-16 09:10:00   Views:0 Source:Ecns.cn

The first batch of five female J-11B fighter jet trainees in China successfully completed their solo flights, marking their qualification as J-11B pilots.

After flying to the designated airspace, they performed a series of advanced maneuvers, such as flying along the left boundary and performing stunts, which greatly tested their situational awareness and tactical skills.

The average age of these young women is only 23.

Yan Zhongyue, one of the pilots, said "Women are capable of piloting heavy fighter jets. Given that we can fly the J-11B now, we can fly the J-20 in the future. "

Since enrolling three years ago, their journey has seen them train with five types of jet, including the CJ-6, JL-8, JF-17, J-7G, and J-11B.

Pilot Wang Chen said, "I still remember there were thousands of girls with the same dream as mine, but after selection, only us five got the precious opportunity. I will give all to fulfill this responsibility."

"In the future, more emphasis will be placed on the precise manipulation of weapon platforms. The careful, meticulous, and sensitive female pilots have greater advantages in weapon manipulation, precise equipment use, and terrain recognition. They are more composed, calm, and systematic in completing combat missions," according to deputy commander Lang Linchao.

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