Chinese scientists build world's first Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database
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A Chinese team of the Institute of Plant Protection(IPP) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS) has established the world's first GPI Base (Geminiviridae-Plant-Insect Database), in collaboration with other domestic research teams, according to CAAS.

The database provides the most comprehensive information on plant viruses, host plants, transmission vectors, and virus-plant-insect interactions, and offers multiple online tools for synchronizing updates with relevant literature. The research results have been published online in Molecular Plant

Gemini viruses are one of the most serious plant pathogens worldwide, affecting over 520 species and spreading through vectors such as whiteflies, leafhoppers, and aphids. They infect a variety of important economic crops, including cotton, tomatoes, and melons, causing significant economic losses.

This database enables complete searchesing and downloadsing of virus-host information, laying an important foundation for subsequent research on geminiGemini viruses. The database visualizes the interactions between viruses, plants, and insects, and builds the most comprehensive phylogenetic relationship of the Geminiviridae family by comparing the full genome sequences of geminivirusesGemini viruses. Additionally, the database provides alignment functionality for comparing and searching virus genes and proteins, and updates geminivirusGemini virus-related research progress in a timely manner.

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