Air ticket booking to many Chinese cities rebound to pre-pandemic level
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Data from China's tourism platform shows that since March, the flight booking volume in many Chinese cities has rebounded to the level prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In some cities, it has even exceeded the same period in 2019, including south China's Sanya, Haikou and Guangzhou, Southwest China's Chengdu and Chongqing, East China's Hangzhou, Northeast China's Shenyang and Harbin, and Central China's Changsha.

China's inbound and outbound volume has surged since the country ease its COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

So far, China has resumed outbound group tours to 60 countries and regions. The search volume for international air tickets on major Chinese travel platforms has increased rapidly, with tourists most interested in Vietnam, Italy, France, and Spain. It is expected that the outbound tourism market will experience a significant increase during the May Day holiday and summer vacation.

According to data from the Civil Aviation Administration China, during the coming summer and autumn, the planned international passenger flights involve 123 cities in 62 countries, many of which are popular routes among Chinese tourists.

Currently, there are direct flights from China to Greece, Spain, Serbia, and other countries. Among them, there are more flights to Vietnam, and ticket prices are as low as below 1,000 yuan ($145.4). Due to market supply and demand, ticket prices to Europe are still relatively high.

Full recovery of international flights will be a process, and as the entire international passenger flight gradually increases, there will be a surge in supply, which will inevitably lead to reasonable ticket prices, said Qiqi, an expert from CAAC High-quality Development Research Center.

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