'Escape from the British Museum' series gains online attention
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The trailer of the video series Escape from the British Museum directed by two Chinese vloggers is released on Aug. 27, 2023. (Screenshot Photo)

The trailer of video series Escape from the British Museum released Sunday has drawn online attention.

Directed by two Chinese vloggers, the video series tells the story of a Chinese cultural relic escaping from the British Museum and looking for a way to return to its homeland.

In the video series, the female vlogger acted the part of a rare Chinese jade teapot with the pattern of curling branches, while her male counterpart was a journalist who helped the artifact return home.

The videos were inspired by a netizen, who suggested making a video depicting Chinese cultural relics  returning home from overseas.

According to the duo, they have consulted a lot of information and went to the UK to shoot. They said the plots were based on historic  facts and sought to focus attention on overseas Chinese cultural relics held abroad.

It consists of three episodes, with  the first episode to be released on Wednesday, they said.

Chinese media outlet Global Times on Monday pointed out that the vast majority of the museum's huge collection of up to 8 million items came from countries beyond the UK in an editorial.

The British leading human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC said “The trustees of the British Museum have become the world’s largest receivers of stolen property, and the great majority of their loot is not even on public display.”

Data published by the UNSCEO shows that about 1.6 million Chinese cultural relics were stolen from China and collected by 47 museums around the world, among which the British Museum has the largest collection, at about 23,000 pieces. Many were plundered from the court of the Qing Dynasty during the Siege of Beijing by the Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900.

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