Beidou system recognized by intl organizer of civil aviation
 updatetime:2023-11-17 14:04:23   Views:0 Source:China Daily

The International Civil Aviation Organization of the United Nations has officially recognized China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System as a global standard, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China on Thursday.

Beidou has become one of four global satellite navigation systems recognized by the UN, along with the United States' GPS, Russia's GLONASS and the European Union's Galileo. It has served users in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

The domestically developed system meets the requirements for providing global civil aviation applications and is compatible and interoperable with other navigation systems.

The standardization for Beidou in civil aviation is the foundation for its global application, the CAAC said.

The CAAC first submitted the application for Beidou to be included in ICAO standards in 2010. The administration collaborated with the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and other research institutions such as the National Key Laboratory of CNS/ATM (communication, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management) at Beihang University to establish a team to promote related work.

Over the past decade, the team has held 28 meetings, conducted over 50 discussions, submitted over a hundred technical documents, and responded to more than 2,000 inquiries.

According to the Air Traffic Management Office of the CAAC, it is the first time China's civil aviation has successfully promoted the inclusion of a China-developed complex system into the ICAO standards with its own team.

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