Guangxi wins 1st gold medal at National Winter Games
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Guangxi athletes pose for a group photo. [Photo/China News Service]

Gan Jiajia from Guangxi secured the gold medal at the women's snowboarding big air final of the 14th National Winter Games on Feb 23 in North China's Inner Mongolia, winning the region's first gold medal at the National Winter Games in history.

The 14th National Winter Games organized teams based on provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities for the first time, achieving a truly nationwide participation.

Guangxi, located on the Tropic of Cancer, participated as a team for the first time in the National Winter Games. The delegation consisted of 29 athletes competing in nine events, including bobsledding, alpine skiing, figure skating, freestyle skiing, big air, and slopestyle.

The Guangxi delegation has secured one gold, one silver, and two bronze medals at this year's event.

In recent years, Guangxi has promoted mass participation in winter sports among the general public and young people.

Through tailored selection and exchange programs, the region has been nurturing and selecting winter sports athletes across various disciplines and seasons, leading to the emergence of a group of outstanding young athletes who have achieved excellent results in domestic and international competitions in events such as snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and figure skating.

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