Guangxi to celebrate Sanyuesan with spectacular carnival
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From April 11 to May 11, several cities in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region will carry out a wide range of carnival activities in celebration of Sanyuesan Festival.

Opening ceremony of "Guangxi Sanyuesan - Bagui Carnival"

Time: April 11, 9:00 AM

Venue: Qingxiushan Scenic Spot, Nanning

The opening ceremony features a combination of new folk songs and intangible cultural heritage items with five special intangible cultural heritage-themed villages boasting tourist attractions, food, embroidery, beautiful scenery and elements of ASEAN culture. It also has five distinctive blocks for visitors, including Wine Street, Tea Street, Sugar Street, Science and Technology Art Toy Street, and Cultural Creation Street.


A host of visitors and dancers gather at the 2023 "Guangxi Sanyuesan - Bagui Carnival" opening ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: hcrbnews]

Folk Song Street in Nanning

Time: from April to May

Venue: Minzu Avenue, Nanning

The avenue features a "Folk Song Street" and offers courtesy buses for tourists. It covers three streets and two lanes, Folk Song Lake Scenic Spot, Wanxiangcheng, and more, where people can partake in unique folk song fairs and watch performances such as the Folklore Show, Music and Light Show, and Folk Song Flash Mob.

The 2nd China-ASEAN (Nanning) Intangible Cultural Heritage Week

Time: April 12-18

Venue: Nanning

Based on the rich intangible cultural heritage of China and ASEAN, this event will feature activities such as grand bazaars, performances and exhibitions.

Sanyuesan Concert of the Central Opera House

Time: Early April

Venue: Nanning and Hechi

Artists from the Central Opera House and local musicians in Guangxi are invited to jointly deliver concerts on Bama county's Cifu Lake and street concerts in Nanning, which will combine artistic excellence, widespread appeal and ethnic uniqueness.


Nanning Music Festival for Sanyuesan. [Photo/WeChat account: hcrbnews]

Guangxi Ethnic Costume Show

Time: April 19

Venue: Nanning

Visitors can feast their eyes on a wide range of costume shows, featuring Guangxi's traditional ethnic clothing for all seasons and ages.


An ethnic costume show. [Photo/WeChat account: hcrbnews]

Guangxi Ethnic Culture Tourism Promotion Season for Sanyuesan

Time: April 10

Principals of major travel agencies will come to the cities of Liuzhou and Hechi to investigate local ethnic culture tourism and promote new travel services blending folklore, culture, tourism, athletics, and entertainment.

Ethnic Traditional Sports Competitions for Sanyuesan Festival

Time: April 19-21

Venue: Guilin

National invitational competitions for traditional ethnic sports such as sparkler-grabbing, pearl ball, single bamboo drifting, gyroscope, high-heel racing and national martial arts will be held.


The 2023 single bamboo drifting competition for Sanyuesan. [Photo/WeChat account: hcrbnews]

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