Mainland offers aid to Taiwan after powerful earthquake
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The Chinese mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday expressed concern and offered assistance to Taiwan following a strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck the island earlier that day.

Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the office, stated the mainland's deep concern for the situation and extended heartfelt condolences to those affected in Taiwan. She emphasized the mainland is close monitoring of developments and is willing to provide support for disaster relief efforts.

The earthquake struck near Hualien on Taiwan's east coast at 7:58 am, triggering aftershocks. According to Taiwan media reports, buildings in Hualien's downtown area sustained damage, with some collapsing entirely. Landslides were also reported, causing damage to vehicles. While no casualties have been confirmed yet, local authorities have suspended work and classes as a precaution.

The Ministry of Natural Resources on the Chinese mainland on Wednesday issued a second-highest level orange tsunami alert, warning of potential localized waves that could cause significant damage in affected coastal areas.

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