China's top procuratorate reveals typical noise pollution cases
 updatetime:2024-04-24 18:54:27   Views:0 Source:Xinhua

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) has published details of several public-interest litigation cases concerning the curbing of noise pollution, providing guidance for procuratorates in conducting their work in this regard.

These cases involve scenarios such as car racing, dancing in public squares and illegal night-time construction.

The cases offer solutions to gathering evidence of transient noise generated by car racing, such as resorting to the expertise of environmental protection specialists.

In certain cases, noise problems arising from public square dancing and illegal night-time construction activities were solved through routine patrols conducted by administrative organs and the installation of noise detection equipment.

Procuratorial agencies also utilized a multi-pronged approach, such as consulting witnesses and offering procuratorial suggestions to ask administrative organs to investigate noise problems related to illegal night-time construction.

Since the launch of the public interest litigation campaign, initiated by the SPP in 2023, procuratorial organs across China have handled over 940 public interest litigation cases involving noise pollution, according to the SPP.

The SPP vowed further efforts to crack such cases and modify the system for curbing noise pollution in a bid to improve the quality of the acoustic environment.

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